Central Science Laboratory: EPMA - Method Development Tool
Version 2.0 - developed by Sandrin Feig

The 'EPMA - Method Development Tool' is a database of maximum range wavelength scans of more than 200 of the most common standard materials. It was created to support lab managers and users of electron microprobe facilities with the setup of analyses programs as well as for teaching purposes. The scans were collected on two different instruments: The first set of scans was collected on a CAMECA SX-100 electron microprobe using PC2, PC1, PC0, TAP, PET, LPET and LLIF diffracting crystals. The second set of scans was collected on a JEOL JXA-8530F Plus electron microprobe using LDE1L, TAP, TAPL, PETJ, PETL P10, PETL Xe and LIFL Xe diffracting crystals. All wavelength scans were collected at the Central Science Laboratory, University of Tasmania, Australia.

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